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Vacuum Fluids & Greases

GBR offers a comprehensive series of vacuum fluids and greases to suit all needs.  Mechanical pump fluids can be supplied in various viscosities to suit all pumps and processes. GBR Technology limited offer our well established CVC branded diffusion pump fluids alongside products from a number of leading global manufacturers.  GBR Technology limited can supply vacuum greases for all applications.

Our experienced technical staff can discuss individual requirements, have degraded oils analysed, and suggest suitable products.  Download our vacuum products brochure here - Vacuum_Brochure_20.11.19.pdf

Hydrocarbon Mechanical Pump Fluids

GBR 16 A refined hydrocarbon oil with a ISO 32 Viscosity.
10-4 Torr range
5 Lt / 20 Lt / 205 Lt;
GBR 19 A highly purified hydrocarbon fluid for routine rotary pump use. Its additives help to prevent oxidation and is an ideal substitute for Welch Duoseal oil. 10-5 Torr range. 5 Lt / 20 Lt / 205 Lt
GBR 45 A synthetic hydrocarbon (PAO) based oil especially recommended for hot running RV pumps. ISO 46 viscosity. 5 Lt / 20 Lt / 205 Lt
GBR 60, GBR 90 Economy Grade hydrocarbon oils suitable for rotary vane pumps operating on ISO 68 or ISO 100 viscosity fluids. 5 Lt / 20 Lt / 205 Lt
GBR -HV Refined hydrocarbon mineral oil. Especially suitable for larger rotary piston and booster pumps. with anti-oxidant and anti-rust additives, plus resistance to foaming. ISO 150 viscosity. 10-4 Torr range. 5 Lt / 20 Lt / 205 Lt
SUPERVAC 15 A blend of Petro Canadas’ semi-synthetic HT hydrocracked base oil and a patented additive system to provide extremely low vapour pressures for maximum pump efficiency. The anti-oxidant system delivers extended lubricant life, under conditions of high pump load and elevated operating temperatures. Viscosity of 38 cSt @ 40°C and extremely low vapour pressures in the 10-7 Torr range. 5 Lt / 20 Lt / 205 Lt
SUPERVAC 19 As above with a viscosity of 55cSt @ 40°C and giving an extremely low vapour pressures in the 10-8 Torr range. 5 Lt / 20 Lt / 205 Lt
SUPERVAC 20 As above but is an ISO 100 grade giving an extremely low Vapour pressures in the 10-8 Torr range. 5 Lt / 20 Lt / 205 Lt
GBR 70, GBR 110 A water white oil specially formulated for its hydrophobic properties. Allows for the pumping of water vapour without emulsification. Excellent chemical stability in aggressive conditions. ISO 68 and ISO 100 grades respectively. 10-6 Torr range. 5 Lt / 20 Lt / 205 Lt
GBR 101 Formulated from refined mineral oils with an anti-oxidant additive for use in direct drive pumps. ISO 100 viscosity. 10-4 Torr range. 5 Lt / 20 Lt / 205 Lt
TW7 Solvent refined technical white oil recommended for applications where exposure to reactive or corrosive gases is prevalent. ISO 68 viscosity. 10-6 Torr range. 5 Lt / 20 Lt / 205 Lt

Ester Based Mechanical Pump Fluids

ANDEROL 495 Diester based fluid for use in hot running pumps or where aggressive gases are being processed. Can also be used as a compressor lubricant. ISO 32 grade. 5 Lt / 20 Lt / 208 Lt
ANDEROL 497 As above in ISO 68 grade. 5 Lt / 20 Lt / 208 Lt
ANDEROL 555 As above in ISO 100 grade. 5 Lt / 20 Lt / 208 Lt

PFPE Based Mechanical Pump Fluids



1506 / 1514 / 1525

These perfluorinated polyethers are chemically inert and are recommended for pumping pure oxygen, explosive and corrosive gases, giving excellent pump performance and protection. Please contact us for appropriate grade recommendation. 1Kg

Hydrocarbon and Ester Diffusion Pump Fluids

Your choice of fluid will depend on the application and the ultimate vacuum pressure your process requires. GBR offers both our own branded products and products from other leading manufacturers.

CONVOIL 20 A very cost effective highly purified hydrocarbon vacuum fluid for diffusion and vapour booster pumps that offers many of the characteristics of more expensive fluids but at a very competitive price. Ultimate pressure 5 x 10-6 Torr. 5 Lt / 20 Lt / 208 Lt
AP 201 Specially formulated white hydrocarbon oil for vapour booster pumps. 4 Lt / 20 Lt
OCTOIL S A high purity molecularly distilled synthetic ester with a wide range of vacuum applications which require a range of vacuum applications which require a pressure down to 2 x 10-7 Torr. 1 USG (3.8 Lt)

Polyphenyl Ether Diffusion Pump Fluids

SANTOVAC 5 Ultra pure polyphenyl ether, operates efficiently, economically and safely producing ultimate pressures in the UHV range. Ultimate pressure @ 20°C of 4 x 10-10 Torr. 100 cc / 500 cc

Silicone Diffusion Pump Fluids

Phenyl methyl silicones are generally recognised as very effective pumping fluids for diffusion pumps. They offer excellent resistance to oxidation and are thermally and chemically stable.

CVC 2 Phenyl methyl siloxanes formulated as a diffusion pump fluid for pumping large gas loads. It is used extensively where rapid cycling is required. Ultimate pressure 5 x 10-7 Torr. 500 cc/ 1 Kg/5 Kg /20 Kg /200Kg
CVC 4 Tetramethyltetraphenyltrisiloxane shows excellent heat, oxidation, and radiation resistance. It provides fast pump down times with good ultimate pressure characteristics. 1 x 10-8 Torr. 500 cc /1 Kg /5 Kg /20 Kg /200Kg
CVC 5 Pentaphenyltrimethyltrisiloxane has excellent pressure characteristics and is ideal for ultra high vacuum applications. Extremely low back streaming rate. Ultimate pressure 3 x 10-9 Torr. 500 cc/ 1 Kg / 5 Kg / 20 Kg / 200Kg

Vacuum Greases

We stock a comprehensive range of greases all designed to have a low vapour pressure to work in vacuum environments including the popular Apiezon and Dow Corning products.

DC970V The most popular silicone grease for vacuum applications giving the same benefits as silicone fluids.   50g  tubes (box of 10) / 5 Kg
CELVACENE A general purpose hydrocarbon grease for most vacuum applications.  Is sold in three grades -  Light, Medium and Heavy. 4 oz / 16 oz.
H - GREASE High Temperature to 240°C, low to medium vacuum range (Stiffens above 110°C) 25 g
L - GREASE Working Temperature 10 - 30°C vapour pressure 7 x 10-11 Torr. 25 g / 50 g
M - GREASE As above - vapour pressure 1.7 x 10-9 Torr. 25 g / 100 g
N - GREASE Low Temperature for cryogenic applications. Working Temperature - 270 - + 30°C vapour pressure 6 x 10-10 Torr. 25 g
T - GREASE Excellent "gettering" action. Working Temperature 10 - 120°C 25 g
Q - Compound Sealing compound for temporary repair of vacuum leaks 1 Kg
AP100 GREASE Silicone free ultra high vacuum. Working Temperature 10 to 30°C. Vapour Pressure @ 20°C 7 x 10-11 50 g
AP101 GREASE Antiseize grease, blended with PTFE Working Temperature -40 to + 180°C 50g
WAX ‘W’ General purpose wax for joint sealing.Softens at 80 - 90°C 25 x 20g
PFPE 501 Perfluorinated grease for aggressive conditions 100g

DuPont Krytox® PFPE Greases

KRYTOX™ GPL 227 A perfluorinated polyether grease that gives excellent resistance to chemicals and aggressive gases. With added anti-corrosive agent. 2 oz / 8 oz /0.5 Kg
KRYTOX LVP Low vapour pressure PFPE grease. Vapour Pressure@ 200C 10-13 Torr. 2 oz/ 8 oz / 0.5 Kg

Turbo Pump Oils

TMPLO 12 Lubricating oil specifically formulated for all Turbo molecular pump bearings. 250 ml

Flushing Fluids

SOLVEX 10 Flushing fluid for mechanical pumps using mineral oils. 5 Lt / 20 Lt
PETRO-CANADA COMPRESSOR CLEANER A combined cleaning and flushing fluid 5 lt / 20 lt / 205 lt

Leak Detection

GOTEC LDS Leak detector spray 400 ml