Sunday 18th April 2021

DuPont Molykote®

A trusted worldwide brand dating back over 60 years, these products provide reliable performance under arduous operating conditions.

The Molykote® range comprises a number of classes of lubricants and a variety of chemistries.

  • Greases (MO, PAO, Ester, PIB, Silicone, Fluorosilicone, PFPE, Phenylether)
  • Compounds (Silicone)
  • Pastes (Graphite, MoS2, PTFE, Metallic Oxides)
  • Anti-Friction Coatings (MoS2, graphite solid lubricants with epoxy, butyltitinate and acrylic binders)
  • Dispersions and High Performance Lubricating Oils (MO, PAO, Ester, PIB, PAG)

For details of  DuPont Molykote® please contact us for more information and pricing or visit the DuPont website.