Sunday 18th April 2021

Industrial Oils & Greases

GBR Technology Ltd supply an extensive range of premium quality industrial oils and greases.

As authorised distributors for Petro-Canada Europe we have a full suite of products including, chain oils, compressor fluids, industrial gear oils, hydraulic oils, natural gas engine oils, paper machine oils, circulating oils, greases, transformer oils and turbine oils.  Products meet a wide range of specifications and carry many OEM approvals.

Petro-Canada’s patented base oil HT refining process and optimised additive packages provide superior performance and long life.  We can supply a variety of pack sizes from 20 and 205 litre drums to IBCs and in some cases bulk deliveries to suit most operator needs. 

For details of Petro-Canada products available please contact us for more information and pricing or view the Greases and Industrial Lubricants ranges on the Petro-Canada website.

We also supply Shell, Mobil, Gulf, Texaco, Castrol and other branded lubricants.  Please contact us for information and pricing.