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Industries Served

Paper Industry


With typical operating temperatures in excess of 180°C, in high humidity and chemical environments, KrytoxTM provides effective bearing lubrication in corrugator and paper machines in these extreme conditions. For more information please view the Krytox™ web pages about Performance Lubricants for the Corrugating Industry & Performance Lubricants for the Pulp And Paper Industry

GBR Technology Ltd also supply high quality general lubricants and maintenance products that are used in other areas of the paper and cardboard industry for example gear and hydraulic fluids, paper machine oils and maintenance sprays. For more information please see the Petro Canada webpage on Industrial lubricants.

Products are available with NSF H1 certification.



KrytoxTM provides life-long lubrication for many original-fit vehicle components and acts as a highly effective assembly aid where elastomer compatibility, temperature and oxidation resistance are required e.g spark plug boot assembly.  Additionally, KrytoxTM is the industry standard NVH lubricant to permanently eliminate leather creek and plastic squeak. For more information please see the Krytox™ web page on Performance Lubricants for Automotive NVH Applications and Performance Lubricants for Automotive Underhood Applications.

GBR Technology Ltd supply an extensive range of premium quality truck, bus and passenger car oils and greases meeting the latest specifications. For more information please see the Petro Canada webpage on Transportation lubricants.



KrytoxTM PFPE oils and greases are used widely in the aerospace industry for a range of military and civil applications.  The unique properties of KrytoxTM (non-combustible, unreactive, long life reliable lubrication, wide temperature and pressure operating conditions) make it an ideal choice for the aerospace industry. For more information please see the Krytox™ web page on Performance Lubricants for the Aerospace and Aviation Industries.



GBR Technology Ltd is a long established and industry leading supplier of vacuum fluids and greases.  We have a comprehensive range for all vacuum related industries including: Semi-Conductor, Heat Treatment, Metallising, Opthalmic coatings, Research Institutes, Turbine Blade Manufacture, Physical and Chemical Vapour Deposition, Cryogenics.

Our range of products includes a comprehensive portfolio of premium performance fluids and greases for both diffusion and mechanical pump systems.  These comprise a complete range of chemistries including highly refined mineral oils, esters, silicone fluids and PFPE for aggressive environments.  We offer our well established own brands including CVC diffusion pump fluids (used globally as direct alternatives to the Dow Corning DC702, DC704, DC705 silicone diffusion pump fluids) as well as representing a number of leading global manufacturers.

For more information please see our Vacuum Parts and Vacuum Fluids & Greases pages.  Or Download our Vacuum Products Brochure here

Motor sport


KrytoxTM provides lubrication solutions to the classic high temperature, high load experienced by drive train and suspension components in motorsport applications, specifically CV and Tripode joints, wheel bearings and other ancillary suspension joints.

Benefits include: Non-oxidising, High thermal stability, High load bearing capability, Increased component life, Reduced frictional loses, Increased reliability and Reduced service requirement.

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We are able to offer a comprehensive range of premium quality food grade lubricants, for most food processing applications. 

Chemours Krytox™ fluorinated fluids and greases offer a range of NSF H1 approved materials for a variety of incidental food contact applications, operating under extreme conditions e.g high temperature environments. For more information please read GBR_Food_Grade_Brochure_Website_-_Version_2.pdf

Please reference our Food Grade Lubricant brochure - Industry leading products, baked up by service and support - GBR_Food_Grade_Brochure_Website_-_Version_2.pdf

Petro-Canada  are the world’s foremost producer of food grade white oil.  Their Purity range of food grade lubricants and greases cover a wide range of food processing applications. For more information please read about food grade lubricants on the Petro Canada website.



GBR Technology Ltd offer a wide range of oils and greases for compressors, hydraulic systems, gears, natural gas engines, turbines, transformers and other industrial equipment.  As agents for Petro-Canada we have access to technology leading products providing cost benefits in use. 

Beyond the operational limits of conventional lubricants, Krytox™ fluids and greases offer a range of benefits.  Relevant applications include exposure to high temperatures and aggressive chemical environments.  Krytox™ has been proven to dramatically extend maintenance schedules, reducing costs and worker exposure to potentially hazardous environments.

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We also supply Shell, Mobil, Gulf, Texaco, Castrol and a range of other branded lubricants.

Chemical Industry


Krytox provides an excellent solution for use in valves, fans, pumps, agitators, reactors, centrifuges and other components in chemically aggressive liquid and gaseous environments.  Krytox is a chemically inert, non-reactive lubricant with high thermal stability. For more information please visit

DuPont Molykote® products comprise a range of greases, compounds and pastes which find use within the chemical industry.  Molykote® pastes allow thread lubrication at extremely high temperatures beyond the capability of conventional or fluorinated lubricants. For more information please see the DuPont website.