Friday 10th July 2020

Soil Conditioners

GBR Technology offer a range of products for soil pH adjustment, aeration and re-mineralisation.


Granular Lime

Fine turf (greens grade) spreadable granular lime for adjusting pH in amenity turf or any other soils that require modification of pH

 Grams required to raise pH by 0.5 (i.e 5 up to 5.5)Grams required to raise pH by 1 (i.e 5 up to 6)
Sand & Loamy Sands 28 56
Sand Loams & Silt Loam 43 86
Clay Loam & Clay 57 114
Organic Soils (20-25% OM) 72 144
Peat Soils (>25%OM) 100 200


Natural mined products with unique physical, chemical and cationic exchange properties. This product also contains a full range of trace elements. High based sand root zones offer little capacity for water and nutrient retention and when sand gets compacted it can hold too much water, retarding growth.

Zeolites increase cation exchange and re-mineralise poor soil; they reduce fertiliser leaching and chemical run off and prevent water logging to harden off playing surfaces.

Increase cation exchange (maintenance only): 0.5 – 1 tonne / ha

Increase cation exchange, harden off playing surface, prevent water logging (new construction):  5 – 10 tonne / ha

Apply after aeration, brushing or drag matting to make sure granular enters root zone. Can be applied at any time of year.

V-Pro Soil Conditioner

Best applied during the spring/autumn maintenance period after hollow coring has taken place.  The soil conditioner is applied along with the topdressing and worked into the tine holes to get maximum effect throughout the profile.

This product improves cationic exchange capacity, water buffing, soil structure, nutrient adsorption and promotes root development, seed germination, microbial growth, stress resistance – amongst other benefits. V-Pro Soil Conditoner contains: Alginates, fulvic and humic acids, plant hormones, organic matter, volcanic minerals, seaweed, yeast, enzymes, carbohydrates, beneficial fungi and bacteria, vitamin E, amino acids. Apply at 100g – 200g / m2


For further information please read Soil Conditioners Technical Data Sheet.