Sunday 24th January 2021




Kelpak is a liquid seaweed extract from the brown kelp Ecklonia Maxima, found on the west coast of South Africa.  Kelpak is produced by cold extraction cellular burst method, that keeps the delicate plant hormones in the cell sap intact, the reason why the product has a high auxin to low cytokinin ratio.

The benefits of Kelpak include:

  • Stimulates root growth
  • Renewably harvested kelp beds
  • Highly effective
  • Low treat rate relative even to a triple seaweed

Treat Rate: 5 L / HA

May be used year round; SDS available on request.

For further information please read Kelpak Technical Data Sheet.

Seaweed Meal

For the enhancement of soil structure, this product helps to increase plant production and improves poor soil conditions.  Seaweed meal supplies over 60 trace elements for healthy growth.  It is very effective as an ingredient with sand or soil as a top dressing and is ideal for use in golf green construction.  Also suitable as a base for laying turf.

Treat Rate: 50 – 75 g/m2 (Top Dressing), 1.5 Kg g/m3 (Construction)

Liquid Seaweed (22%)

Cold extracted from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed.

Treat Rate: 10 – 20 L/Ha

Soluble Seaweed Powder

Fully cold water soluble Ascophyllum Nodosom. Cost effective way to apply seaweed.

Treat Rate: 1kg/Ha