Thursday 28th January 2021

Parts & Equipment

Progenta BunkerFilter

A robustly constructed bunker drainage product utilising a special filter technology to prevent sand ingress and give long term in-use service without the build-up of biomass.

The benefits of BunkerFilter include:Bunker_Filter.jpg

  • Quickly restores drainage to cope with peak flows.
  • Does not interfere with play.
  • Is robust and will not deform with time.
  • Contains a filter system which retains sand.
  • Requires very little maintenance.
  • Is easily installed by your green keeping staff.

Image at golf course before installation of BunkerFilter


BunkerFilter installed in another problem bunker.

Hose End Applicator Guns


pelletpro.jpgA heavy-duty surfactant applicator.  The Precision Cloudburst nozzle and high-flow composite/stainless steel valve ensure that the PelletPro performs to the highest standard. The PelletPro is suitable for use with most wetting agent tablets and provides powerful but ultra-soft spray when applying surfactants to hydrophobic soils.

The benefits of PelletPro include:

  • 48 GPM capability.
  • Ultra Heavy-Duty - brass fittings, aircraft aluminum, stainless steel, and precision engineered glass-filled materials
  • Patented Precision Cloudburst nozzle delivers large droplets in an outstanding fan pattern


liquidpro.pngHigh quality liquid version of the PelletPro™. A combination of  the Precision Cloudburst nozzle and a high-flow valve allowing excellent distribution of wetting agent.

  • Allows more cost effective hand watering using your regular liquid wetting agent.
  • Precision Cloudburst nozzle evenly distributes wetting agent insuring uniform coverage.
  • Adjustable metering dial offers 10 settings.
  • Liquid bottle has approximately 1 litre capacity with easy- to-read measurements.
  • Siphon mixes a measured amount of wetting agent into the water flow.
  • Durable nylon construction, UV-protected and chemical resistan

For more information on either hose end applicator guns please refer to manufacturers information.

Hunter Spot Shot 1" Model

Adjustable Hose-End Nozzle great for all spot-watering and wash-down needs.hunter_spot_shot.jpg