Sunday 24th January 2021

Iron Products / Turf Hardeners


iron_products.jpgA high quality liquid iron (6.3%) with micronutrients and magnesium. For use on greens and tees to green up and harden off whilst ensuring an appropriate supply of essential micro nutrients.

The benefits of Forti-Fe include:

  • Fast and long lived green up
  • DTPA chelate ensures long term iron availability to the plant
  • 'Hardens off' to offer disease resistance
  • High Quality magnesium and micro nutrient package prevents deficiencies
  • Dew dispersing effect

Treat Rate: 20 L / Ha

Recommended 4 – 6 weekly applications, may be used year round; SDS available on request.

For further information read Forti-Fe Technical Data Sheet.

GBR Liquid Turf Hardener

A liquid turf hardener containing calcium and magnesium salts – designed to make the plant more resistant to stress.  Formulated for rapid uptake.  Apply monthly.  Contains 10.4% N,  10.6% Ca and 2.4% MgO w/v.

Treat Rate: 20 L / Ha

For further information please contact us.

SDS available on request.

Emerald Iron

Emerald_iron_.jpgEmerald Iron provides a different green up colour compared to ferrous sulphate based products.  Many ferrous sulphate based products contain additional citric acid or other milder chelating agents added to the formulation to provide chelation.  Emerald Iron is a truly sulphate free formulation.

The benefits of Emerald Iron include:

  • Long Term bioavailablilty at pH below 7.8
  • Sulphate free – no black layer
  • Product concentrate classified as no significant hazard

Treat Rate: 20 L / Ha

Recommended 6 - 8 weekly applications, may be used year round.

For further information read Emerald Iron Technical Data Sheet.

SDS available on request.

Higgi Soluble Iron Sulphate (ferrous sulphate heptahydrate)

Providing 20.4% w/w as Iron this superior high spec damp grade has excellent solubility. A very cost effective way of applying iron.

The benefits of Soluble Iron Sulphate include:

  • Cost Effective
  • Superior Solubility
  • Offers disease resistance
  • Provides 'green up'
  • Moss Control

May be used year round; SDS available on request.

ACti-FeSoluble Ferric Ammonium CitrateChelated Iron (4.5-9kg/Ha)

FAC supplied as soluble powder providing 21.5% Iron, 5% Nitrogen and very low Sulphur content (below 0.1%). A highly cost effective way to source FAC. Solubilises readily in cold water. Tank mixing with Influx Excel or Intensive Wetter allows green-up at further reduced application rates. Very low scorch potential. Ideal for rapid green-up and turf hardening on fairways and other outfield areas.  Available in 25kg and 50kg kegs.


For further information read ACti-Fe Technical Data Sheet.

SDS available on request

Granular Turf Hardener

 2-0-10 + 8.7% Slow Release Iron

Designed to be applied to greens (1.5 mm / 150 SGN) during the autumn and winter months to aid hardening and create long lasting green-up. High potassium content helps stress relief and maintains plant count. Iron content is a combination of high analysis natural granular iron with readily available and slow release iron sources and iron sulphate. Contains trace elements and humic acids to assist improved root development.

Use: 35-50 g/m2 or 18 x 20Kg / ha

Cold Start Granular Iron

10-0-10 + 8.9% Slow release iron

Designed to be applied to greens (1.5 mm / 150 SGN) during spring months to aid hardening, create green up and help spring growth. Potassium Nitrate aids stress relief and maintains plant count.  Nitrogen source is ammonium sulphate, readily available to the plant in cold temperatures.

Use: 35-50 g/m2 or 18 x 20Kg / ha

Granular Spreadable Iron

0-0-0+ 12% Iron 5% MgO

100% Ferrous Sulphate granular hardener also containing Magnesium designed to treat greens (1.5mm / 150 SGN). Apply directly to turf as an alternative to liquid iron to create green-up and harden turf, reducing disease. If applied at higher than recommended dosages this product will cause blackening and burn moss.  Use: 35 – 40g / m2 between September – early March or as a one off treat at any time of year to increase colour.