Friday 10th July 2020

Dyes & Indicators


GBR Spray Pattern Blue Liquid

Use of GBR Spray Pattern Blue provides a clearly visible, but temporary indication of spray coverage highlighting missed areas, blocked nozzles or overlap.

The benefits of GBR Spray Pattern Blue include:

  • New easy pour container to minimise the risk of spillage.
  • Reduces waste from spray overlap
  • Indicates drift, leakages and blocked nozzles
  • High colour strength – amongst the most concentrated formulations on the market
  • Fades in sunlight and washed out with rain or irrigation
  • Will not permanently stain skin, soil or vegetation.

Treat Rate: 75 – 125 ml per 100 litres; SDS available on request.

For further information read GBR Spray Pattern Blue Technical Data Sheet.


GBR Spray Pattern Blue Granules

For customers who prefer the convenience of granules, we offer this low dusting granular version in convenient 1 kg packs.

Application Rate: 30-50grams per 100L

STOKO Kresto® colour              

Special hand cleanser for the removal of stubborn dyestuffs containing scrubbing-agent Astopon® refined walnut shell powder.