Friday 10th July 2020

Dew Dispersants

Dew_Dispersant.jpgFormulated in-house from top quality raw materials this highly effective and long lasting dew dispersant will give over 3 weeks of dew dispersancy under ideal conditions.

Dewel Dew Dispersant is a highly concentrated blend of surfactants designed to control dew formation on amenity grass.  Dewel Dew Dispersant can be used to eliminate the need for switching and brushing, especially during weekends and holiday periods. 

The benefits of Dewel Dew Dispersant include:

  • Suppresses dew formation and thus sward problems exacerbated by excess moisture.
  • Faster drying times following rainfall
  • Saves time compared to traditional switching and brushing
  • Allows golfers an early start

Treat Rate: 6 Litres / Ha; SDS available on request.

For further information read Dewel Dew Dispersant Technical Data Sheet